Printing and Packaging

We are a printing and packaging company based at 2 locations in India, one based at Chennai in South India and the other based in Himachal Pradesh in North India.

We have the following facilities:

  • 8 colour rotogravure machine
  • 8 colour off-set machine and 6 colour UV off-set machine
  • 8 colour Flexographic printing machine.
  • All the converting machines like Lamination, Slitter, Pouching, Die-cutters, Folder Gluer etc for convertion of material in Film, Paper and Paper Board.
  • In Rotogravure machine, we can print Polyester, BOPP, PVC, CPP etc and laminate with substrates of MET BOPP,MET Polyester, LDPE etc and we have solventless technology for the same. Further, our Rotogravure machine is fitted with auto registration system which makes the product much superior in quality.
  • In off-set, we can print paper and board from 80GSM to 500GSM and in UV offset, we can print on Metallised board etc.,
  • In the flexographic machine we can print any kind of paper, self adhesive films etc. in reel / sheet/label form.
  • Our label converting system is equipped with 100% defect detection system passing through a state of the art equipment imported from Germany for assured quality.

Industries Addressed:

  • Cartons for Liquor and other Beverages
  • Cosmetic and Toiletries
  • Footwear and Consumer Goods
  • Tea/Coffee and Other Beverage Powders
  • Confectionary and Pharma
  • Packaged Food Items and Spices